God’s Grace

by justbelisa

We had four ‘unexpected’ things happen…

I’d posted before on storiesaboutgod.org about God and His provision for our family during my husband’s lengthy unemployment.  And having spent the past month worrying (again) about an upcoming increase in expenses, it gave me hope and peace to read and remember my previous story.  Sometimes you forgot how God provides and how much grace God gives to us, all the time.

So I thought it was time again to remind myself of His goodness (over and over!) and praise God for all He continues to provide for us.  I ask that anyone reading this please pray for me that I continue to walk ever closer with the Lord and to always look to Him rather than whatever circumstances I find myself in ... He is there with me ... and He has shown me that time and time again.

In the spring we were pondering how we would finance tuition for both our sons who go to private Catholic schools.  Our oldest son’s tuition is $8,100 a year, younger son’s is $2,200.  I kept praying and thanking God for all He had done in the past for us ... for every single blessing, large and small.  And again (I smile as I type this), God provided.  We had four ‘unexpected’ things happen ... 1) I received a notice that funds were due to me from a company I’d just left in an account I didn’t realize I still had $$ in; 2) my husband received a bonus, the size of which we hadn’t counted on; 3) I was offered a website job that I didn’t expect; 4) oldest son’s school provided funds in scholarship assistance.  All these blessings paid just shy of $1,200 for both sons’ tuition ... out of $10,300 needed.

We have had other expenses arise, and God has faithfully provided for each and every one.  Never too far ‘before’ ... but always ‘on time’.


43 year old wife and mother of 2 sons, 16 years and 6 years, living in the Midwest USA.

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"Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!" Psalm 105: 1