God’s Provision

by justbelisa

...even now, I am in awe of His grace.

My husband was a senior-level executive for over 10 years when the company he worked for sold it’s business and closed.  He is an educated man with a strong background in business, holding executive level positions for years.  Who would have thought God was going to bring us the trial that He did ... and how He provided and worked it for ‘our good’. 

My husband had an employment contract for one years severance.  He searched diligently within our area for a job ... six months went by ... 9 months went by ... he’d have interviews, but no offers.  A year went by and the severance pay came to an end.  We were quite frankly stunned at our situation.  He started collecting unemployment ... 3 more months went by ... more interviews (first, second, and third) and no job offer.  The second summer of his unemployment came and we were literally at the end of our funds.

During this trial and time of stress, both my husband and I grew closer and closer to God.  We prayed diligently (sometimes desperately) and sought God’s presence ... and God provided in so many ways, that even now, I am in awe of His grace.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough space to tell of all the things that God provided during that time, but suffice to say the big ones were ... our older son received a scholarship for $5K of a total of $7.5K in tuition we needed to pay for his private high school ... our mortgage gave us a forebearance period of four months on home (without reporting negative credit history) ... I thought we’d owe taxes this year and when I sat down to do the taxes on April 14th, I found out we were due a refund of $5K (yes, I did the taxes online twice to make sure, then I sat and cried and praised God for His provision) ...


43 year old wife and mother of 2 sons, 16 years and 6 years, living in the Midwest USA.

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"I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord." Psalm 118:17