Healed from Addiction

by Healed

One day I woke up and was healed

First I would like to say just how dreadfully addicted I was to smoking cigarettes.  I had smoked for 14 years.  Could not go more than 2-3 waking hrs without a cigarette before I would start to get the shakes and feel queasy and dizzy.  I was so addicted mentally that I would risk life walking to get cigarettes.  My mind was fully consumed with smoking.  And of course I wanted to quit.  Would try, but never could I even go more than 1 day at the most before caving in.  And worst if something stressful happened I would smoke even more. 

Well I was 2 months pregnant trying to desperately quit smoking.  Trying all methods, the patch, gum, everything as always and failing for weeks.  I tried prayer and no…my prayers were not answered the next day. 

But randomly one day I woke up and was healed. NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to smoke at all.  Memories of what it even felt like to smoke diminished.  NO physical withdrawal symptoms at all, which is near impossible in my case. I always had strong withdrawal symptoms within hours of trying to quit.  God healed me in his own time and just in time!  I am amazed by how he completely got rid of something I could in NO way do on my own.  And I have been a different person ever since.  I owe so much to God, he does listen and he does heal.  Caught me by surprise and I am forever thankful!  Trust in god, he is everything!

"Oh, magnify the Lord with me,and let us exalt his name together!" Psalm 34:3