Needing A Sign

by in his hands

Two of the branches were forming a Cross.

With many things pressing in and feeling pretty discouraged, I cried out to God and asked Him if He was still there, did He still care, would He be there for me.  I simply asked Him if He could show me things would be ok.  I needed a sign to keep on believing things would work on for our family situation etc.  I don’t really know what I wanted Him to do but I knew it had to be something other than a feeling inside me because I didn’t really trust my emotions at the time. 

I was laying on the couch gazing outside at the trees across the street half-heartledly wishing a sunset or something would miraculously appear.  I looked and didn’t see anything, then I just rested and without thinking. looked out again as the last of the leaves were falling.  All of a sudden,I saw two branches in one of the trees that caught my eye.  Two of the branches were forming a Cross.  I could hardly believe it. It really seemed impossible. I would look and then look again to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Suddenly the realization came to me, God was trying to tell me something. I was very grateful to the Lord for encouraging me and showing me He is in charge and giving me a sign that He is still there. The next day of course the Cross was no where to be found.  God did it just for me for that time and moment. 

All my problems haven’t been resolved yet, but He continues to patiently give me little signs along the way that He has it all in hand so I can continue to keep going and keep my eyes on Him.

"I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore nations will praise you forever and ever." Psalm 45:17